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Building a Life Free of Drug Addiction and Mental Health Issues

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Creating a healthy and joyous life free of drug addiction or mental health issues can be an overwhelming journey without leading treatment professionals at your side.

This article intends to provide a path to long lasting sobriety from your drug or alcohol addiction and mental health disorders. Whether your substance abuse is with opiates, heroin, meth or anything else, without the support of the finest treatment professionals, your chemical dependency will be an even more complex and prolonged battle than it needs to be. There is no shortage of rehabs and treatment professionals – counselors, therapists, coaches, interventionists – especially in Los Angeles and all of Southern California. The majority of these rehabs have set programs for your drug or alcohol addiction that you must adapt to. Other rehabs may be geared towards those with mental health illnesses (bipolar, PTSD, depression, anxiety, etc.), with a very clinical treatment plan. Then there are the luxury rehabs that too often forsake quality care for a posh environment and fancy services. Most of these rehabs have too many clients and not enough staff to deliver a personalized treatment that will help you maintain your sobriety. Whether you are a parent seeking help for your son’s mental health issue, an executive trying to kick your substance abuse or a teenager suffering from heroin addiction, you want and need the best possible treatment for you and your individual problem, not some cookie cutter solution that does not lead to a successful recovery. Maybe this is your first time reaching out for help for your chemical dependency or mental health disorder, or you have been in and out of one rehab or another, but either way, it’s time to heal – to have lasting success in your recovery – and live a full and happy life again. Just as you are unique, so should your treatment be for drug or alcohol addiction and mental health condition. A top treatment professional will work with you and your needs by customizing a successful recovery program centered around your schedule, environment and individual needs. It must integrate real-life components and coaching services for the purpose of further bolstering your overall success in life. If you want something different that produces true success in recovery from addiction and mental health disorders, we suggest a concierge treatment approach which utilizes a broad array of recovery approaches that include, clinical, holistic motivational, coaching and other ancillary components. Concierge treatment is anything but your traditional drug rehab or mental health treatment approach. This is not a string of therapy sessions or another private upscale recovery home or treatment environment that overly focuses on comforts rather than quantitative success. This is something that shatters the bounds of typical treatment and redefines the standards of improved long-term success in life. LIVE Treatment Center, originally out of Los Angeles, CA and offered now on a national level as well, is the finest in private and one-to-one treatment services based on your specific needs. From full-scope intensive outpatient care to aftercare, ongoing support and success-based coaching & guidance, concierge medical detox to private substance abuse treatment and the full array of aftercare and ongoing recovery support for the client and family. Dr. Ronaye Calvert-Conley out of Los Angeles, California, founder of the LIVE Private & Concierge Treatment approach, is Southern California’s leading voices within the scope of top-tier treatment protocols. The LIVE staff is comprised of educated, fully licensed, board certified and experienced multi-disciplinary professionals. LIVE concierge treatment delivers a custom designed wrap-around platform for each individual patient that addresses the underlying life issues and coaches the client through each and every doorway and hurdle. You have a choice between typical rehabs that may or may not produce long term sobriety from your drug or alcohol addiction or mental health disorder or a nationally acclaimed one-to-one concierge treatment that comes to you and cares about your whole life and successful recovery. For more information on concierge drug addiction treatments, call us 24/7 at 888-506-1860.