What About New Year’s Eve?

You made it through the Holidays with your sobriety and/or mental stability intact. Not a small feat at all. Most people struggle at times during the holidays without the added stress of staying sober or keeping your anxiety in check.

And, then there’s New Year’s Eve, a time of celebration. New Year’s Eve is all about saying goodbye to the old and welcoming in the new. New Year’s Eve for many also means popping open the bubbly and overindulging. Why not say goodbye to the old with a NEW YOU? Ditch the stress of party going and having to navigate your way through a mind field of triggers and indulge yourself in different ways, in the quite of your own home.

Here are a few ideas to help you on your way to a strong, centered New Year:

  • PLAN: Forget resolutions, make a plan. Whatever it is you wish to achieve in 2018, take this time to figure out what your first steps will be toward making that happen. No need to aim too high; be realistic. Think of one thing you can do every day that will keep you in alignment with your plan. Mini habits create positive impact over time. Write it down and stick to it.


  • REACH OUT: If you are going it alone this New Year’s Eve, you can still call, text or post sweet messages to family and friends. Connecting with others can improve your mood and theirs! Let them know what you are doing and how you plan to do it. This will give you clues as to who will be a big part of your support team in 2018 and who will help keep you accountable.


  • CLEAR THE CLUTTER: What better time to free yourself of all those things you don’t want or need that are just hanging around? There is something very empowering about getting rid of unused and unwanted items. When your home is clutter free, so is your mind. Cleaning and clearing will give you a sense of control. Bonus: Starting the New Year by giving back and donating those items is a terrific way to start 2018.


  • SELF CARE: Treat yourself to a nice dinner, some great music and a warm, bubbly bath. There are no rules stating you must stay up until midnight either! Get that extra sleep you’ve been wanting to get, with NO SHAME! Binge watch that favorite TV show you have been wanting to catch up on!


Whatever you decide to do this New Year’s Eve, make sure it leaves you feeling stronger and more fulfilled as you say “Good Bye” to 2017 and “Hello” to 2018!