Based out of West Los Angeles, California, the LIVE Treatment staff is the culmination of many years of expertise throughout many facets of addiction treatment and behavioral healthcare services.  This is anything BUT the typical treatment environment, nor does it adhere to the traditional limitations so commonly seen within the scope of clinical treatment.  As such, our team consists of only Southern California’s industry leaders – clinical professionals who have made their marks and shown their abilities & passion for client care time and again!


“I have learned the value of getting out of the office and into the real world with clients. I recognized a critical gap in the standard treatment model and made it my business to fill it. Clients often need help, not merely discussing their feelings and problems, but taking action toward living differently, with real-time support and guidance. It is deeply rewarding to witness the self-esteem and renewed sense of purpose that emerges throughout this work.”

Dr. Ronaye Calvert Conley is the Executive Director of LIVE Treatment, a Concierge, 1:1, treatment program. She earned her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology and has had extensive experience working in the addiction recovery field, disordered eating programs, and the LGBTQ+ community. She has a deep understanding of how personal issues or beliefs may motivate or hinder us and approaches each unique struggle with sensitivity and keen insight. Stemming from her Directorship in prominent Dual Diagnosis treatment centers, Ronaye is a skilled Trauma Specialist, leading others to a deeper understanding of working to resolve and grow from histories of emotional, physical, and/or sexual trauma.

Dr. Calvert’s personal philosophy is not to help clients focus on what is wrong with them, rather to help them acknowledge and embrace what is right with them, while creating a plan for their personal success.


Cameron began his career in 2007 creating inmate programs for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Cameron realized his passion for helping others while co-facilitating classes with a former Deputy.  Cameron began working with released inmates to continue putting into practice the various tools learned while incarcerated.

In 2010 Cameron began working at Cri-Help.  A non-profit residential treatment facility in North Hollywood, CA.  Cameron’ position as a residential technician allowed Cameron to continue working closely with individuals dedicated to making positive changes in their lives.  2011 brought Cameron to Tarzana Treatment Centers, where he was working as a Contract Manager.  Cameron managed many government grants that allowed clients with HIV to be provided supportive services like sober living, outpatient programming, therapy, and case.  These various programs and the work involved in managing them, gave Cameron experience in the admissions and financial areas of treatment.   In 2012  Cameron left the non-profit sector and joined the team at Creative Care, a high end, luxury residential treatment facility located in Malibu, CA.  Cameron began as the Billing Coordinator, was promoted to Admissions and Billing Coordinator, before becoming Director of Admissions.

Throughout his years working in treatment, Cameron had gained respect in this industry and was often asked to take consulting jobs for various facilities.  Cameron consulted for companies needing anything from business start up advice to licensing requirements.  From setting up systems and departments to growing the business and increasing revenue. In 2019, Cameron made the decision to start his own company that would allow his talents and skills to be reached by more people.  When Cameron started Informed Momentum, the purpose was to show people that you can grow a business, increase revenue, and help more people all while doing everything ethically. Around this time, Cameron found LIVE Treatment.  Amazed at the client centered approach and the truly individualized programming, Cameron asked to join the team.  Cameron quickly fit in with the forward thinking and out-side-the-box team.  Cameron’s favorite part of being a part of the LIVE team is the fact that each client gets a truly individual program.



“When people ask me about our recipe for success, I tell them, ‘It’s simple, we do WHATEVER it takes.’”

Dr. Ronaye Calvert DeSiena, Director of Live Young Adult Services, is an adolescent specialist with over 30 years working with adolescents and young adults with specific needs. Dr. DeSiena holds a doctorate in Psychology as well as Master’s Degrees in Guidance/Counseling, Administration and Spanish. As an Educational and Vocational Consultant, she prides herself on finding and utilizing innovative techniques and approaches to help her clients overcome challenges and reach success.

With vast experience and expertise in the educational system, Dr. DeSiena is a skilled advocate and pioneer of change for her clients and families. With her dynamic and knowledgeable approach, Dr. DeSiena is an expert at resolving issues that appeared to have no solution.
Her ability to speak Spanish fluently welcomes a diverse population to whom she can offer her services.

Dave Cannon


“The body and mind are capable of amazing transformation and possess incredible healing power. We just need to learn how to get out of the way.”

Dave is originally from San Francisco, California and has a passion for nutrition, fitness, health, and wellness. His excitement for this field is contagious and he is driven to help people change their lives and reach their goals. Having transformed his own life and diet from a highly unhealthy and stationary one, Dave knows the challenges and how to overcome them.
He graduated with Honors and at the top of his class with a degree in Nutritional Science from Central Arizona College. Dave is a Nutrition and Dietetic Technician Registered and is currently a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, which oversees nutritional professionals in the United States. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, and has worked in a number of different settings that have helped to sharpen his skills in the field. In the Los Angeles area, Dave has worked in several eating disorder and drug treatment facilities running nutrition groups and developing educational material.

Dave has also travelled to Asia as an international consultant to drug treatment centers and brings those experiences back home to provide some unique insights into the world of nutrition. In addition, he has spent many hours in a hospital setting working with the elderly and disabled helping with their various nutritional needs.
As a personal trainer, Dave is certified by the highly acclaimed National Academy of Sports Medicine. He brings years of experience with physical fitness in both team and individual sports including ice hockey, tennis, cross country, and triathlon. Additionally, he is certified to teach both Pilates and yoga, and believes that achieving a balance between a fit body and mind are essential for achieving happiness and wellness. Dave’s unique and caring approach is both gentle and motivating, and has helped countless people to reshape their lives.

Noble A. Powell


“It’s a great luxury to provide community for those who feel alone. Together we help the whole body move towards success so the mind can follow.”

Noble is a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor specializing in Young Adult Addiction through the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals as of 2014. He has worked in the field of alcohol/ drug addiction treatment, and Co-Occuring Disorder/ mental health treatment since 2012 due to his personal experience in addiction and early recovery. Noble turned to a sober lifestyle at 17 years of age, September 2010. He became sober his senior year in high school, and was able to turn his life around to graduating high school on time, and becoming involved in the studies of addiction treatment in college. When newly sober Noble found his connection with young, sober men and women to be of most importance to maintaining stability, along with learning how to have fun in sobriety. This motivated him to his involvement in treatment of adolescence and young adults. Noble has much personal experience and knowledge of both 12 step, and non 12 step recovery based programs and support groups. For some time now Noble has been focusing his career in mental health treatment to the focus of Life Coaching and Counseling, assisting client’s progress in school, employment, legal and financial difficulties along with education and assistance with addiction, and family dynamics. He has found his skills to be most appropriate in the field and practice of Life Coaching and Counseling due to his education and personal joy of helping others.

Katelyn Driscoll


“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

Katelyn has spent many years dedicated to working with marginalized and often overlooked individuals. A strong advocate for the LGBTQA+ community, Katelyn has helped made significant impacts in promoting healthy lifestyles and identity acceptance within this community and beyond.

She received her BA at Connecticut College studying Behavioral Neuroscience with a focus on the correlation of Diet/Exercise on Depression while simultaneously competing in 3 sports at the collegiate level (soccer, ice hockey and lacrosse).

She also interned in the office for Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Education and Advocacy through the Student Relations Department, at her university. Using this platform, Katelyn began her career in advocacy by organizing and directing programs aimed at educating college students on bystander intervention and healthy relationships.

Katelyn’s passion for bettering the lives of others led her to seeking a position in the medical field as an Emergency Medical Technician. She worked in this emergency setting for three years but recognized her personal desire to build long-lasting relationships with clients whom she could witness grow and thrive as people.

She made the transition to the treatment industry and relocated to Los Angeles, where she felt she could make the greatest impact on others. She has grown to become an essential part of the treatment community through her compassion, understanding and advocacy.
Katelyn personally understands the struggle with coming out and accepting her identity with an open heart and forgiveness for herself and those around her who didn’t adjust as gracefully. It is her privilege to help others achieve a sense of personal peace and a life worth striving for.



Cristine Foxen, RN, joins LIVE in providing exceptional care in both our Private Medical Detox and C3 Programs. Cristine is a registered nurse with twenty years of nursing experience. Her proficiency in trauma and emergency care, developed over seventeen years devoted to Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, led to her interest in offering personalized patient care services. As a member of Cedars Sinai staff she collaborated in an effort to update the emergency department psychological and substance abuse treatment areas.

Cristine began providing concierge level nursing care services to individual clients in 2004. Her personal approach and commitment to the client derives from the personal care she provided as a teenager to her dialysis dependent grandmother. This personal experience was the impetus for Cristine’s initial interest in the medical field and influences her approach in nursing care to this day.

In 2015 Cristine founded Foxen Nursing Incorporated in order to focus on providing exceptional concierge level nursing services. Cristine’s approach to care is to work in partnership with the client, and the entire care team, to ensure that all aspects of treatment are addressed accurately and in the best interest of the client. Cristine has worked with clients to address substance abuse issues and detoxification care. She has traveled with clients during treatment to provide consistent care with discretion while mindful to safeguard client privacy.

Cristine has provided her personalized style of exceptional nursing care throughout the country as well as in Europe, South America, and the Middle East. She has cared for clients in all aspects of life from individuals in the entertainment industry to Royalty. She is fluent in Spanish and conversational in several other languages.


Maryam Shalbaf is a Certified Hypnotherapist, CHt.  More than that though, she is someone that truly wants to help others and improve their lives.  This is why she decided to pursue Hypnotherapy and created The Hypnosoul.  After spending more than 10 years in the Medical field and industry, where she was a trained Ultrasound Technician, MRI Technician, as well as then learning how to implement Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Therapy.  TMS Therapy is a non-pharmalogical treatment that is FDA-cleared for the treatment of depression. During this time, she has worked with hundreds of various Doctors, including Cardiologists, Radiologists, Neurologists & Neuroradiologist’s, and many others.

This have given her a solid foundation and background in a variety of medical aspects and procedures, and also it has given her a chance to really see how important and real the connection between the Mind+Body is, as well as then how these two can penetrate the Soul.

When you come to The HypnoSoul, Maryam can help you find your life’s compass by helping delve into your inner soul, and search for answers from within.  Progress is made and real results are obtained because when you allow yourself to be true and open up, you allow the hypnosis to enter your soul, and this leads to break through gains.