Trauma Resolution: Live Free

This groundbreaking program, which bases its foundation of healing upon Dr. Calvert Conley’s “3 C’s” modality (Courage, Compassion and Connection), brings with it the proven formula of mental and physical safety training coupled with unprecedented, comprehensive wellness care.

Our expert trauma coaches emphasize physical safety and peace of mind while our compassionate trauma-informed therapists intercept past fears and heal old wounds on the path towards total emotional freedom. Engage in safety-training and receive protection coaching within the perimeters of your home, on location, or into social settings – wherever achieving peace of mind matters most.

Our commitment to each client and our unique manner of incorporating every element of physical and emotional safety continues to set us apart. The LIVE Free team can fit seamlessly into your life while providing any or all of the following services, as desired:

  • Trauma and Emotional Safety Coaching (Physical and Mental Well-Being)
  • Personal Safety and Physical Protection Training (and Implementation)
  • K-9 Work (Training your beloved pet to be your Certified Support Animal)
  • Self-Defense Training
  • EMDR/PTSD-Targeted Therapies
  • Total Wellness Coaching (Diet/Nutrition and Mind/Body personal training)

We invite you to learn more about our broad array of treatment services or simply contact our support team at (424) 253 8191

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